We provide strategic financial and investment management services across Africa.

SAO Advisory provides insightful analysis and practical advice to help you make better investment decisions. We bring a unique combination of project development and financing expertise, relationship management, proprietary tools and data sets to achieve outstanding results for our stakeholders.

Financial Advisory01

We help clients plan, develop, and deliver multibillion-dollar projects across all asset classes through all stages of the project life cycle, from planning through commissioning.

Our biggest strength is the combination of our global capabilities and local expertise, allowing us to identify investment opportunities and risks for our clients.

We bring a unique combination of project development and financing expertise, relationships with key stakeholders, and proprietary tools and data that enable us to serve as trusted partners to governments and investors.

Our project-development work is focused on helping to bridge the current gap between infrastructure investment and needs by convening the right parties and working collaboratively to establish viable, bankable infrastructure projects that investors can be confident in.

Issuing House02

We provide comprehensive advisory services to a diverse client base which includes financial institutions, multinationals and governments. Our track record has enabled us to become the preferred choice for those seeking investment opportunities and financial advisory solutions on complex transactions in Africa.

Our Investment Banking division is experienced in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Capital-Raising and Financial Advisory. We provide a wide variety of options to enhance the core of your equity portfolio and we adapt to changing market cycles with agility and precision.


Asset Management03

We provide client-tailored investment solutions targeted at delivering unrivaled value to our institutional and individual investors. Our expertise cuts across Digital Asset Management to Fixed Asset Management, IT, Enterprise, Financial, and Infrastructure Asset Management.

Our team of experienced portfolio managers understand clients’ objectives, risk appetite, investment horizon and liquidity needs while deploying adequate risk mitigation frameworks to ensure capital preservation and optimal returns.

We are poised to be the leading innovative Asset Management firm in Africa that builds long-term partnerships with various classes of individuals and businesses by helping them identify, invest and grow through the optimization of available opportunities.

Developmental Advisory04

We provide comprehensive developmental advisory services which is focused on helping our client bridge the gap between infrastructure investment and optimal financial returns.

Our expertise cuts across Infrastructure Development, Urban Development, Environmental Development, International Development and Public Sector & Government. We deliver insightful analysis and practical advice to help our investors make better investment decisions.

We pride ourselves on our global reputation for technical and industry expertise with a broad platform to assist clients in managing complex risk or growth opportunities. Our longstanding relationships with the international community and development financial institutions allows us to deliver timely and strategic solutions to establish viable, bankable infrastructure projects that benefit all stakeholders.