Our goal is to purvey capital growth avenues for our partners and investors

We raise investments for, and invests in projects across Health, Agriculture, Energy, Education, and Environment to create sustainable long term value  for our investors. We have so far raised over $600million for various infrastructure development projects, advisory projects and other investments in the key sectors driving the economy.


Driven by the need for sustainable and top-notch healthcare services in Africa, we raise money through loans and grants towards developing the health care sector.
Our mission is to engage in the business of installing, repairing, maintaining, and servicing healthcare equipment. We stand as financial advisors and capital raising partners for the establishment of medical-oriented buildings for government and private health organizations.

We are currently working with energy solution providers to improve the facilities of 584 Primary Health Centres in Ondo State, serving 5.1m residents, and are also using the PHCs as an energy distribution hub to power communities around them.


Our investment in agriculture stems from a desire to see the sector’s potential unlocked and to participate in its global expansion.

We provide sustainable agricultural investment advice and investment opportunities to private and institutional investors. We also strategically utilize an operational model that seeks out and validates capable and reputable operators who share our vision in meeting local and international needs.

Our expertise lies within the management of large-scale, geographically and commodity diverse agricultural enterprises where we use our life cycle approach through entry strategy, strategic agricultural portfolio development, best practice management of agricultural and farming operations, and exit mechanisms to maximize returns.


Our energy team possess a wealth of experience in developing sustainable energy solutions for small, medium, and large-scale energy infrastructure projects across sub-Saharan Africa.

Our goal is to help reduce the environmental impact of non-renewable energy by reducing the reliance and dependence on the national grid in Africa. We identify, develop, finance, construct and operate energy infrastructure projects across sub-Sahara Africa.

Working with our financial and strategic partners, we develop tailor-made solutions from advisory to project commissioning as we continue our journey to find a sustainable solution to the power problems in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.


We focus on providing specific technical advisory services with world-class excellence in project delivery skills. We have stood out in the implementation of Social Impact Investment and the identification of environmental problems and provision of sustainable solutions.

We collaborate with International Financing Corporations, MDAs, private firms, state governments, and rural communities with the sole purpose of bridging the gap between optimal investment and development goals.

We are on a passionate journey of becoming Africa’s foremost environmental solution provider.