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Multi-Competency Advisory & Investment

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Multi-Competency Advisory & Investment

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Multi-Competency Advisory & Investment

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Creating measurable value for stakeholders

We are a group of companies ,each in its right leading the way in impact investment and multi-competency advisory with the common goal of making impact in key sectors. Our portfolio companies each focus on the strategic development of transformational projects to create measurable impact and financial returns for our network of partners.


“In a fast-paced and increasingly complex global economy, our success is determined by how well we implement our key values: providing great client service, and supporting the capital growth and impact requirements of our stakeholders.

We are always eager to work with new clients and take on more challenging projects that are both sustainable and promote economic growth.”

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Creating Measurable Impact and Financial Value for Investors



A leading investment firm with a portfolio of over $500M, raises investments for and invests in projects across Health, Agriculture, Energy, and Environment to create sustainable economic impact for our investors



We guide investors through an ever-changing market environment to deliver multi-million dollar projects across all asset classes from planning through to commissioning.


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April 29, 2022

Press Releases

AGRF 2021 Summit featuring SAO Group

The AGRF 2021 Summit brought together a diverse range of speakers to showcase the possibilities in transforming African food systems and inspire commitment and action from all contributors present. On Monday 6th September between 11:15am and 12:15pm, SAO supported by the Ondo State government featured a panelist section in the AGRF 2021 Summit. The panelist… Continue reading AGRF 2021 Summit featuring SAO Group

May 6, 2022

Press Releases

SAO Group: The Nordic Nigeria Connect conference.

SAO Capital’s position in advancing social impact goals. The Nordic Nigeria Connect conference, held in Lagos on November 23rd and 24th, 2021, themed “Smart City Lagos” featured panel talks on waste management, renewable energy, and transport solutions. Among the notable speakers that attended were: His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu, Lagos State Governor Mr. Mohamed Yahya, UNDP… Continue reading SAO Group: The Nordic Nigeria Connect conference.