Farming For the Future: SAO Agro’s Ambitious Goal to Empower 100,000 Farmers by 2025

May 7, 2024

Africa can play a significant role in the global food chain in addition to ensuring food security for its people due to its large arable lands (60 percent of the world’s uncultivated arable land)
and also its youthful population. The continent continues to face a plethora of issues, ranging from inadequate enabling policies, deficiencies in infrastructure, and the pressing issue of climate change, all of which necessitate proactive and decisive solutions. 

Nigeria, Africa’s economic giant, grapples with issues like post-harvest losses, increasing import bills, and increased inflation leading to increased poverty and unemployment within the society. It is therefore highly imperative for organisations to take up the responsibility of boosting the continent’s agriculture landscape. 

SAO Agro’s Ambitious Goal to Empower 100,000 Farmers by 2025

SAO Agro specialises in large-scale, commercially feasible agricultural projects. Beginning with the Ore commercial farm estate– a solar-powered commercial farm estate, spanning over 20,000 Hectares- set to empower over 100,000 farmers by 2025 and generate over 160,000 tonnes of oil palm.

SAO Agro is investing in agro-processing, agroforestry and rural development, livestock and poultry, training and human development.

Investment in Crops and Poultry 

SAO Agro carefully deploys resources for agricultural cultivation and poultry production. We hope to strengthen agricultural best practices by providing resources for farmers. Our investment in solar-powered 50,000 capacity poultry pens and 1200 bph processing line is part of our resolute commitment to sustainable agriculture.


We also explore agro-processing as part of our sustainable agricultural strategy. This involves the transformation of raw agricultural produce into value-added goods. We are creating dependable agro-processing technologies that effectively transform raw food ingredients into final products.

SAO Agro is building a special agro processing zone in Ore, Ondo; This project will house a state-of-the-art, 50,000-capacity broiler farm, 50,000 live catfish farm, and a 3-tonnes capacity NAFDAC-certified fish processing equipment line.

Our farm boasts of superior, high-yield palm seedlings, with a thriving 50,000-100,000 capacity solar-powered nursery infrastructure.

SAO Agro is boosting Agroforestry in Nigeria

We are not neglecting the environment. We are promoting agroforestry, by integrating trees and shrubs into farming. This not only helps the environment but also provides additional sources of income for farmers. Beyond its ecological benefits, agroforestry serves as an avenue for supplementary income for farmers.

We’ve also invested in the Red Gold Initiative, a 70,000 hectare Oil Palm Plantation allocated for commercial farming. This project aims to develop the entire oil palm value chain and also benefit host communities through employment opportunities and social infrastructure development. Our impact in the Agro-forestry Sector has been far-reaching.

With restoring the deteriorated Ala Forest Reserve in Ondo State as one of the initiatives, We aim to restore all 140,000 hectares of forest land.

Training and Skill Development for Farmers

SAO Agro focuses on comprehensive training programs, aligning with its sustainable agriculture ethos. Empowering farmers with the skills and knowledge necessary for sustainable practices forms the bedrock of what we do. 

Take a look at the impact of our agricultural innovations.

We also ensure that farmers are not just recipients of resources but active participants in cultivating a sustainable agricultural landscape in Africa. Some of our farmers have enjoyed the benefits of our partnership and training. Based on a strategic partnership with Decorum Nigeria Limited, SAO Agro is set to equip 1,000 operators with relevant skills in 2024. The aim is to upscale our efforts, targeting an additional 3,000 operators across Nigeria. 

Rural Development

Driven by a commitment to rural development, SAO Agro is actively involved in uplifting rural communities by implementing targeted strategies aimed at driving agricultural prosperity in the communities. Through strategic investments in rural infrastructure and capacity-building programs, SAO Agro ensures a holistic approach to sustainable farming practices. Through these concerted efforts, SAO Agro is poised to achieve its ambitious objective of empowering 100,000 farmers by the year 2025. 

Delve deeper to learn more about SAO Agro’s impactful initiatives in Nigeria and commitment to employment, rural development and sustainable agriculture,on our website here.